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We offer super-fast next-day delivery! Order today, get it tomorrow!
The Chef Video Wall Menu Boards

The Chef Video Wall Menu Boards

Client: The Chef Fish and Chips Bar

Location: Dundas St, Middlesbrough

Installation Date: July 2019

Project Overview: The Chef Fish and Chips Bar, a renowned culinary establishment in Middlesbrough, sought to modernize their customer experience and streamline their menu display system. To meet this objective, they partnered with a leading digital solutions provider to install state-of-the-art digital menu boards.
video wall menu board

Solution: The solution comprised a video wall display consisting of three synchronized 43-inch commercial menu boards, mounted in landscape orientation. These digital screens were not only visually appealing but also engineered to withstand the rigors of a bustling restaurant environment.


  • Remote Access: The screens were equipped with advanced technology that allowed for remote access. This meant that the staff at The Chef Fish and Chips Bar could update product prices and pictures in real-time, without the need to be physically present at the location.

  • Synchronization: Ensuring a seamless customer experience, the three screens were synchronized to display consistent content across the board, providing clear and coherent visual communication.


  1. Enhanced Customer Experience: The bright and vivid displays of the menu boards improved readability and allowed for dynamic content, which greatly enhanced the overall customer experience.

  2. Operational Efficiency: With the ability to update the menu remotely, the restaurant saved valuable time and reduced the likelihood of pricing or menu errors.

  3. Aesthetic Appeal: The sleek design of the video wall added to the contemporary ambiance of the restaurant, making the interior more attractive to customers.

  4. Marketing Flexibility: Promotional items and specials could be highlighted more effectively, allowing for tactical marketing and timely updates during peak hours or special events.

Conclusion: The installation of the digital menu boards was a pivotal step for The Chef Fish and Chips Bar in embracing digital innovation. It not only streamlined their operations but also significantly enhanced the dining experience for their customers. As a result, the establishment reported an increase in customer engagement and satisfaction, ultimately contributing to a positive impact on sales.

Future Outlook: The Chef Fish and Chips Bar continues to reap the benefits of this digital upgrade and plans to maintain its competitive edge by adopting further technological advancements in the future.

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