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Digital Menu Boards - ScreenMoove Digital Menu

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Elevate your Digital Signage experience with all-in-one Digital Menu Boards, perfect for takeaways and restaurants. Enjoy a 3-year warranty, pre-installed free 3-year CMS software access, complimentary menu design, and medium-range wall or ceiling brackets. Transform your business with our hassle-free, comprehensive solution for engaging, modern menu displays.
14 Days Free Return - 3 Year Warranty, and Lifetime Free Technical Support.

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Digital Menu Boards

Easy remote management, ready-to-fit, Built-in CMS Software Digital Signage Menu Boards with 3 years warranty.

Digital Menu Boards are delivered ready to use with plug-and-play Remote control CMS software modules for takeaway shops and restaurants. When you order your digital menu boards, we will contact you to get your products to prepare your design for the displays and dispatch your new digital menu boards in 2 to 7 working days.

Brand: ScreenMoove
Stock: in-stock
Delivery: Usually dispatched in 2 to 7 business days
What is Included: Digital Menu Boards, Menu Design, Mounting Brackets, Connectors and Power Cables.
Warranty: 3 Years on-site swap-out

Need further help before completing your order?
Call our sales team toll-free today on 0800 464 70 70 (Between 09:00 AM to 18:00 PM in Mon to Friday.)

digital menu boards advantages
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  • Digital Menu Boards Perfect For Restaurants and Takeaway Shops.
    We Provide Free Menu Design & 3 Years of Free Built-in CMS Signage Software + 3 Years Warranty and Lifetime Technical Support.
    digital menu boards

    Free Customized Digital Menu Design Services

    Screen Moove offer digital menu design services free of charge.
    When you complete your order and send us your actual menu, we will design new digital menu boards for the displays and dispatch your new digital menus to your business.

    Customized menu design services will take 2/3 business days.

    What Are The Digital Signage Menu Board Features?

    ScreenMoove Digital Signage Menu Boards are simple to use and powerful.
    If you want to know more about what it can do, check the list of features below.

    • Fully Cloud Controlled Digital Signage CMS (Even if your internet doesn't work menus will continue to stream)
    • Ultra High-Brightness eye-catching digital menu displays.
    • Play 4K Video or Full HD like Fast-food pictures - videos on the displays.
    • Scheduling by automatically turning-on and turning-off times.
    • Automatically publish your promotions - products on different days, different time range like a breakfast menu, lunchtime lunch menu, and dinner time dinner menu.
    • Publish customized content, like your own recorded videos or images or stock.
    • Easy to update your menus online anytime from our CMS Software.

    The narrow bezel on Digital Menu Boards ensures that your menu is at the centre of the scene. When multiple Digital Menu Boards are placed side by side, a near-perfect display is achieved thanks to its thinner edges and superior image sensitivity.

    Personalize Your Menu Content

    From turnkey content to promotional videos, we don’t only provide hardware – we equip you with content that promotes your brand.

    Whether you want to browse our massive included content library or create custom-branded content, the possibilities are endless.

    Easy Management Online

    Plug-and-play installation and an intuitive CMS make managing your digital signage quick and easy, whether it’s displayed on one screen or thousands.

    Advanced access controls for unlimited users allow for anyone on your team to easily edit and share your content.

    Automatic Software Updates

    Screen Moove provides automatic software updates so that you'll never need to worry about updating to the latest version of our software. You'll always be running the latest, most secure version on your system.

    Social Media Integration

    Create modern and engaging display experiences for your customers by integrating with the tools and networks they use the most. Feature live media walls from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Content is automatically filtered.

    Lifetime Technical Support

    Whether you contact us today, tomorrow, or after a few years, we provide you with lifetime online consultancy services for any kind of technical issue.

    3 Years Commercial Warranty

    Screen Moove is proud to say now all the displays are under 3 years warranty on any kind of technical issues.

    Digital Menu Boards FAQs

    What are Digital Menu Boards?
    Digital menu boards are electronic displays that show a restaurant's menu items and prices. They can be used in place of traditional printed menus and can offer several benefits, such as the ability to easily update menu items and prices, the ability to display attractive graphics and multimedia content, and the ability to track customer preferences and purchasing patterns.

    Digital menu boards can be a useful tool for restaurants, cafes, and takeaway service establishments, as they allow for flexibility in menu offerings and can help increase sales by making it easier for customers to browse and choose items. 

    Can I update my digital menu boards?
    Yes, it is possible to remotely update a digital menu board. Digital menu board systems come with CMS that allows users to remotely update the content on the display. This can be done using a computer or other device with an internet connection, and the updates are typically sent to the menu board over the internet.

    Do I need always an internet connection on the digital menu boards?
    No, as long as your digital signage content is up to date, you do not need an internet connection for it to continue functioning. Even if you lose your internet connection, your current content will continue to display on the player. However, if you want to make further updates to the content, an internet connection will be necessary to access and upload the new content to the player.

    How do digital menu boards work?

    Digital menu boards typically consist of a built-in display screen that helps you to promote your menu content on the screen. The menu content can be updated using our CMS Software that is accessed via a computer or other device with an internet connection. The updates are then sent to the menu board over the internet.

    Are digital menu boards expensive?
    The cost of a digital menu board can vary depending on the size and type of display. If you are looking for cost-effective digital menu boards we also have TV Menu Boards please visit this link and see if the TV display menu boards may be affordable for you.

    What is the difference between digital menu boards and tv menu boards?
    Digital menu boards and TV menu boards are both electronic displays that can be used to show a restaurant's menu items and prices. However, there are some differences between the two types of menu boards.

    One main difference is the type of display used. Digital menu boards typically use high-brightness and more robust housing than domestic televisions.

    Another difference is Digital signage Visibility is more compact and frameless by comparing TV menu boards.

    Comparing the warranty of Digital Menu Boards come with 3 years warranty and TV Menu Boards come with 1 year.

    Overall, both digital menu boards and TV menu boards can be useful tools for restaurants and takeaway food service establishments, but digital menu boards may offer more features and flexibility.

    What if I already have my digital menu board design?
    If you already have the artwork for your digital menu board, you can use it by creating new content in our CMS Software. If you will have any issues creating or uploading your menu content, Our customer services will guide you free of charge.

    Digital Signage CMS Player FAQs

    What is a Digital signage CMS player?
    A Digital signage CMS player is a solution that is used to display digital menu content on a display signage screen. It is typically used to show your menu design, advertise your menu, or change your prices by updating and controlling remotely.

    How does a Digital signage CMS player work?
    A signage player typically comes with built-in software in your Digital menu boards. The signage player stores and plays the digital signage content, which can be images, animated videos, text, or a combination of these elements. The signage player can be controlled remotely using software or other means, allowing the user to schedule and change the content as needed.

    Can a signage player be controlled remotely?
    Yes, Screen Moove Digital signage CMS player can be controlled remotely using cloud services. This allows the user to schedule and change the content on the player remotely.

    Do signage players require a lot of maintenance?
    Digital Signage players generally do not require a lot of maintenance, but it is still important to ensure that they are functioning properly. To do this, it is essential to keep the player and its associated software up to date. We are remotely checking the status of your player and updating the software as needed. It is also important to periodically check that the display screen is clean and in good condition. 


    Digital Menu Board Size Dimensions (W x H x D) Weight (without box) Vesa
    32 Inch 726.5 x 425.4 x 65.1mm 5.7 kg 100x100 or 200x200
    43 Inch 968 x 559.5 x 61mm 8.7 kg 400x400
    55 Inch 1241 x 712.5 x 63.5mm 16.7kg 400x400
    65 Inch 1458.7 x 834.7 x 81.6mm 24.8kg 400x400

  • Installation Services
    After finding the right Digital Menu size for your business, it's important to get your investment up and running as quickly and easily as possible.

    If you are not able to install and fit the digital menu boards, ScreenMoove provides free remote installation consultancy services after you purchase menu boards however if you still need a technician on-site to install them, ScreenMoove offers a full installation service.

    You can have a look here for the installation cost.

    Screen Moove also offers Digital Signage CMS (Content Management Software) that helps you to manage your menu content and update it anytime remotely.

    ScreenMoove Digital Signage CMS Features
    ✓ No monthly recurring fees
    ✓ User-friendly solution
    ✓ Remote control of screens
    ✓ Control 1 or 1000 displays
    ✓ Premium lifetime support.

    Why use ScreenMoove CMS?
    ✓ Communicate with your target audience easily,
    ✓ Use videos and animated content layouts,
    ✓ Improve your customer's experience with eye-catching displays,
    ✓ Instantly schedule and update your content remotely.
    Digital Signage CMS Software Easy
    Cloud Software For Digital Signage


    Lifetime Technical Support, Free Menu Design & 3 Years Free Built-in CMS Signage Software Included Now!

    Screen Moove has a professional team for turnkey digital menu solutions.

    We provide Commercial Grade Digital Menu Display with Android Network Digital Signage Software, Digital Menu Design, Free Installation Kit `Bracket - Cables`, and Lifetime Technical Support;


    Digital menu boards are essentially menus that appear on commercial digital displays for takeaway shops or restaurants. Our Digital Signage Menu Board Solutions are simple to use and powerful. If you want to know more about what digital menu boards can do, you can check the list of references below.

    Digital Signage Menu Board Customers;

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