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We offer super-fast next-day delivery. Order today, get it tomorrow!
We offer super-fast next-day delivery. Order today, get it tomorrow!


Digital signage player, the hardware powerhouse that seamlessly connects to your screens, providing an unparalleled digital signage experience. Renowned for its reliability and cutting-edge performance. Digital signage player is best way to publish and update animated content on your screen in minutes. 
Screen Moove Digital Signage Player top choice for industry leaders worldwide. 
Elevate your digital signage game with Screen Moove and unlock a new level of dynamic and captivating displays.

Digital Signage Player

Brand: Screen Moove

Warranty: 1-Year Warranty

Stock: in-stock / Next-day delivery

✔ Digital Signage Player

✔ No Monthly Payment

✔ Multi Screen Synchronization

✔ All-in-One Free Template Gallery

✔ Life-Time Technical Support

✔ Free Installation and Training

Compatible with a wide range of screen manufacturers

and equipped with HDMI connection.

246 rating

14 Days Free Return

1-year Return to base Warranty and Lifetime Free Technical Support.

Included 1 Year Free CMS Subscriptions.

(Recurring years £29,00) or Lifetime option available.


Your Digital Signage Streaming Expert

Lifetime CMS Software

With an optional lifetime CMS (Content Management System) software subscription, you gain access to a powerful tool that enables you to manage your digital signage content efficiently and effectively. This feature ensures that you have a long-term solution for creating, scheduling, and updating your displays.

Easy Content Updates

Stay up to date with your digital signage effortlessly. The lifetime CMS software subscription offers seamless content updates, allowing you to make changes to your displays in real-time or according to a predefined schedule. This feature ensures that your messaging is always fresh and relevant to your audience.

Remote Management

Take advantage of the convenience of remote management capabilities. With the lifetime CMS software subscription, you can control and manage your digital signage network from anywhere, eliminating the need for physical access to each display. This feature saves time and resources while providing flexibility and convenience in managing your content.

Scalability and Flexibility

Whether you have a single screen or a vast network of displays, the lifetime CMS software subscription offers scalability and flexibility to meet your needs. Easily expand your digital signage network as your business grows, and customize your content to suit different locations or target specific audiences. This feature ensures that your digital signage solution can adapt and evolve with your business.

Best Digital Signage Player

We offer UK`s powerful Digital signage player to your businesses with a budget-friendly solution for streaming live content, offering high-quality performance at an affordable price and making it an ideal choice for efficient and impactful digital signage.

  • Remote Update

  • Ready to use

  • Life-time Technical Support

  • Zero-Pain Streaming

  • Screen Synchronization

  • Screen Mirroring


Happy customer Worlwide with a Screen Moove

Select The Best Digital Signage Player For You!

- 20 %
Digital Signage Player with Free Content Management System

ScreenMoove Lite


✔ 4K Full HD Resolution

✔ Plug and Play

✔ Remote Access

✔ Content Scheduling

✔ Play Video & Images

✔ Free Training & Support

✔ Next-Day Delivery

- 20 %
Digital Signage Player with Free Content Management System

ScreenMoove Pro


✔ 4K Full HD Resolution

✔ Plug and Play

✔ Remote Access

✔ Content Scheduling

✔ Play Video & Images

✔ Free Training & Support

✔ Next-Day Delivery

- 20 %
Digital Signage Player with Free Content Management System

ScreenMoove Advanced


✔ 4K Full HD Resolution

✔ Plug and Play

✔ Remote Access

✔ Content Scheduling

✔ Play Video & Images

✔ Free Training & Support

✔ Next-Day Delivery

Stream Your Content Live

Screen Moove's Digital Signage players are specifically designed to enable live broadcasting of your content on screens while offering remote control and updates. Our Digital Players empower you to broadcast your content at any desired time interval and effortlessly manage multiple screens simultaneously.

  • Next-Level Performance & Cloud Based.

  • Create a video in a matter of minutes with a resolution of up to 4K,

  • Reliable and maintenance-free digital signage players.

  • Ready to use widgets for weather, traffic, Twitter feeds.

  • Dayparting and scheduling your content with a specific date and time,

Why Choose Screen Moove?

Interactive Capable

Compatible Interactive Displays.

Multi Device Support

Competitively prices multi devices in same platform.

Content Scheduling

Schedule your content in further time-range.

Cloud CMS

Create and Schedule your display content from anywhere.


Visual dashboards and reports for real-time insights

Excellent Support

24/7 Technical support when you need it.

  • Product Specifications
  • Package Details
  • Product Description

Technical Specifications

Model No





Amlogic S905X3 64-bit Quad Core ARM® Cortex™ A55 CPU


2448 x 2448 pixels per eye


560 grams


Video Output: HDMI, AV, Optical Audio, Power: 5VDC 2AMP, Networking: Ethernet 100mbps


Dual Band WiFi 802.11 b/g/n/ac 2.4 and 5.0 GHz

Auto power on



10.8cm x 10.8cm x 1.9cm


1 Year Return to Base

What's Included

  • Digital Signage Player

  • HDMI Cable

  • Power Adapter

  • Remote Control

Experience the power of Screen Moove as it transforms your content into captivating visuals, grabbing the attention of your audience like never before. Whether you're showcasing advertisements, engaging videos, or informative displays, this player ensures that every pixel is rendered with remarkable clarity and vibrancy.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the Screen Moove player offers unrivaled versatility and compatibility. Its Android compatibility opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to leverage a wide range of applications and effortlessly manage your signage network with ease.

Stay in control with the user-friendly interface, providing you with a hassle-free experience when it comes to scheduling and managing your content. From remote updates to dynamic playlists, the Screen Moove player empowers you to customize and adapt your signage network on the fly, ensuring that your message reaches the right audience at the right time.

Furthermore, the Screen Moove digital signage player is engineered for reliability and performance. It boasts robust hardware and advanced cooling mechanisms, ensuring continuous operation even in demanding environments. Say goodbye to downtime and hello to uninterrupted, flawless signage displays.

Upgrade your digital signage network with the Screen Moove player and discover a new level of flexibility, efficiency, and visual impact. Whether you're a retail store, a corporate office, or a public venue, this player is your gateway to captivating your audience and leaving a lasting impression.

Unlock the true potential of your digital signage network with Screen Moove – the future of digital advertising awaits.

The Screen Moove Digital Signage Player has been built and fine-tuned for Android. It comes with pre-installed CMS Software, to make set up even easier. Worldwide shipping available.

A few key features we really like about this media player:

- Cost Effective
- Small, lightweight device
- 2GB Memory and 16GB Storage
 1-year return to base warranty

Frequently asked questions

Can the Digital Signage Player be integrated with any display ?

Absolutely! Once your TV or Digital Signage Display supports HDMI connection, you'll be able to seamlessly utilize the Screen Moove Digital Signage Player on your display.

Can the Digital Signage Player support interactive content?

Yes! Screen Moove Digital Signage Player is equipped with robust capabilities to support a diverse range of interactive content, including touch screens, QR codes, and beacons. These powerful features empower you to craft captivating and immersive experiences that captivate and engage your target audience. Enhance your brand's presence and create unforgettable moments with our state-of-the-art media player.

Can I schedule content to be displayed at specific times?

Yes, the media player allows you to schedule content to be displayed at specific times, so you can ensure that the right message is being shown to your audience at the right time.

Can the signage player support multiple languages?

Yes, the media player supports multiple languages, you can set the language of the interface and the content displayed on the screen.

What is a Digital Signage CMS Subscription?

Digital Signage CMS (Content Management System) Subscription is a service that allows you to remotely manage and update your digital signage content and storage. Typically through a web-based control platform.

What features does a Digital Signage CMS Subscription offer?

Features include: creating and scheduling content, managing multiple digital signs from one central location, analytics and reporting, and integration with other software and platforms.

How is a Digital Signage CMS Subscription billed?

Subscriptions are usually billed on annual basis, and pricing varies based on the number of digital signage media players you purchased.

Can I cancel it anytime?

Certainly! We understand the importance of flexibility and convenience for our customers. With our service, you have the freedom to cancel your subscription at any time. There are no binding contracts or obligations to worry about. We prioritize your satisfaction and aim to provide a hassle-free experience. So, rest assured, if you decide to cancel, it's as simple as notifying us, and we'll take care of the rest.

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