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We offer super-fast next-day delivery! Order by 3pm, get it tomorrow!
We offer super-fast next-day delivery! Order by 3pm , get it tomorrow!

SMART SBID-6286S-V3**WM-SBID-200 86" Interactive Display

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  • SMART 86" 6000S V3 with IQ and Mount

    Get connected
    Easily connect and interact with your devices and content so they do more to support active learning – in and out of the classroom.

    Get simple
    Offering powerful capability without complexity, the SMART 6000S is as easy to maintain and future-proof as it is to use.

    Get engaging
    Designed-for-education iQ experience and exclusive Tool Explorer™ technology, plus interactive software and resources for every grade and subject area are included – free with every display, no subscription needed.

    Get connected
    Seamlessly connect your classroom technology and infrastructure with a SMART Board interactive display. Bring together your student devices, computers and peripherals, digital tools and content, so they’re used to their fullest potential.

    Connect student devices for active learning
    Students share screens and send ideas to the display with native, browser-based and app-based screen sharing. The SMART Mirror app for Windows and Mac OS enables screen sharing without prior network configuration and includes touchback support. Plus, share live whiteboards and lessons with two-way annotation to students’ devices. Works both in and out of the classroom through any Internet browser, no login required.

    Bigger, better video conferencing
    The SMART 6000S series works with UVC webcams, Zoom, Microsoft Teams™ and Google Meet™. An integrated microphone array offers teachers the freedom to move around the class while maintaining consistently outstanding audio. Enhance shared screen content in these applications with spotlights and digital ink that help communicate ideas and focus student attention.

    Interact with every input
    Plug in multiple computers and video inputs and switch between them easily and intelligently with live input preview. Write and use widgets like spinners, timers and clocks over any input for even more interactive learning. Plus, easily connect any device to the 65-watt USB-C ports for video, audio, touch, data and charging with only one cord.

    Get simple
    SMART’s exclusive walk-up-and-use touch and ink experiences help teachers use their displays more easily, more effectively and more often. This means lower training costs and fewer support calls from teachers. SMART displays are also easy to maintain and future-proof, so you get long-term value out of your investment.

    Better touch and ink experiences
    With 40 unique points of touch on Windows® computers and 20 on Mac® computers and iQ, Simultaneous Tool Differentiation lets multiple users write, erase, move and gesture at the same time without toolbars or menu selection. Object Awareness detects touch, pens and palms automatically. SMART Ink desktop software lets teachers write into and over web browsers, applications and files, including PDFs and Microsoft Office® files.

    Easier to maintain
    We put in the effort, so you don’t have to. The SMART 6000S display works out of the box, updates automatically over-the-air, and can be easily managed at scale with SMART Remote Management software*. Backed by SMART Assure warranty (region dependent), which includes expert technical support,
    advanced hardware replacement with two-way shipping, and onsite RMA support.

    Enhanced personalization
    and automatic power up Sign into the display with a Google or Microsoft account or simply tap the included NFC-enabled SMART Board ID card for secure
    access to files and cloud storage, and easy access to apps, favorites, bookmarks and custom widgets. Cloud storage travels with the teacher when they sign into any SMART display with iQ, anywhere. The display also wakes up as soon as a teacher picks up a pen, so there are no barriers to getting started.

    Get engaging
    The SMART Board 6000S series comes with an always-growing set of teaching tools and resources for student engagement, including award-winning software and the unique Tool Explorer platform. All included for free, no subscription required.

    Education tools, templates and resources
    With built-in iQ, enhance lessons on the fly with ready-made whiteboard templates, popular graphic organizers, interactive activities, digital manipulatives
    and widgets like spinners, timers and clocks – all designed for the classroom.

    Create and deliver
    rich interactive lessons Free SMART Notebook basic version enables teachers to create, edit and deliver interactive, engaging lessons optimized for the SMART Board 6000S display.

    Make real-world tools digital
    The Tool Explorer platform connects physical tools to the digital environment, enabling the 6000S to recognize a virtually unlimited number of Tool Explorer-enabled pens, objects, and manipulatives.

    (All tool sets, including TS-4PEN-MC 4 pen & magnetic pen well set shown attached to the 6000S display, are sold separately.)

    Exceptional embedded experience - powered by iQ
    There’s nothing else like an iQ-powered interactive display. iQ is an integrated K-12 Android-based experience; a platform purpose-designed for education. SMART displays with iQ put teachers’ personalized tools, content, OneDrive™ and Google Drive™ files right where they need them, and connect student devices for meaningful engagement, interaction and collaboration. iQ is designed to be easier and more powerful for teachers to use, saving clicks at every point in a lesson. That means it saves teachers time and focus as they use the whiteboard’s education tools, templates and activities, interact with student devices, browse the web and bring together their content.

    Automatic OTA Updates. With iQ, you benefit from SMART’s continual in-house feature development, based on feedback from teachers and education leaders. All iQ-powered displays are regularly updated with new features, through automatic OTA (over-the-air) updates. Plus, 6000S displays also support future OS updates - all ensuring your technology investment continues to meet the evolving needs of your teachers and classrooms.

    Windows and Mac OS experience
    Enjoy the full SMART Board experience on any connected Windows (40 points of touch) or Mac (20 points of touch) computer. Get precision interaction and natural intuitive touch and ink, with SMART Ink, Object Awareness and Simultaneous Tool Differentiation across web browsers and applications.

    Chrome OS™ experience
    When connected to a Chrome OS device, teachers can access the Google Play Store and their apps at the display, and interact with content. Enjoy simultaneous touch points, digital ink, automatic pen recognition, touch, and erase in supported Chrome OS applications.

    Built to last
    The SMART Board 6000S series meets world-leading standards for quality, safety, environmental and regulatory compliance, using third-party verification, and backed by technical support services and SMART Assure warranty coverage (region dependent). It also comes with a subscription to SMART Remote Management software.*

    • 4K Ultra HD resolution
    • LED rated for 50,000 hours
    • Fully heat-tempered, anti-glare glass
    • Silktouch™ ultra-smooth finish
    • ENERGY STAR® certification and
    • EU Ecodesign Compliance
    • Accelerated life testing
    • Regulatory and environmental certifications
    • SMART Assure warranty (region dependent)

    ‘6000S & MX includes: SMART iQ, SMART ink, Notebook, SMART Exchange & SMART Remote Management* (*SMART Remote Management is included for the length of the product warranty)’

    SMART Interactive Displays are known for their leadership in interactive technology, particularly in the field of education. These displays offer a range of features that make them popular in classrooms and other collaborative environments:

    Easy to Use: SMART Boards are designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for teachers and students to interact with the display. The touch-sensitive surface allows for intuitive navigation and annotation.

    Collaborative Learning: These interactive displays promote collaborative learning by allowing multiple users to interact with the screen simultaneously. This feature fosters engagement and teamwork among students.

    Deployment: SMART Boards are relatively easy to deploy in educational settings. They can be integrated with existing technology infrastructure and are compatible with various software applications.

    Support: SMART provides support and resources for educators and IT administrators to ensure that the displays are well-maintained and function smoothly.

    Value: SMART Interactive Displays are often seen as a good value for educational institutions because of their durability and long lifespan. They are considered a solid investment for enhancing teaching and learning.

    Interactive Capabilities: These displays offer a wide range of interactive capabilities, such as touch functionality, digital ink, and the ability to connect to other devices, making lessons more engaging and interactive.

    Customizable: SMART Boards can be customized with various educational software and applications to meet the specific needs of educators and students.

    Overall, SMART Interactive Displays have gained a reputation for being reliable and effective tools for enhancing the learning experience in classrooms and other educational settings. Their combination of ease of use, collaboration features, and value makes them a top choice for interactive technology in education.

  • Screen Size 86 Inch
    Market Education
    Colour White
    Resolution 3,840 x 2,160
    Aspect ratio 16:9
    Technology HyPr Touch™ with InGlass™
    HDMI 3
    Viewing angle, horizontal 178 °
    Viewing angle, vertical 178 °
    Display brightness 350 cd/m2
    Response time 9 ms
    Number of Touch Points up to 40
    USB-C 1
    Operating relative humidity range 5 - 80%
    Speakers 2 x 20W
    Compatible with VESA-wall mounting system 800 x 400 mm
    Dimensions W x D x H 2000 x 124 x 1222 mm
    Weight 84 Kg
    Warranty 5 year on site standard manufacture warranty
  • Warranty
    Limited Equipment Warranty

    Optional upgrade to 3-year
    SMART Assure Warranty

    Optional 2- and 4-year extension available

    SMART Assure warranty
    The SMART Assure Warranty provides comprehensive coverage to give peace of mind.

    SMART Assure Warranty includes 24/7 access to a dedicated SMART customer support team for inquiries and remote troubleshooting. If required, advanced hardware replacement or on-site repair is available, with shipping at the expense of SMART. Along with on-site replacement or repair, you’ll have access to support provided by SMART-authorised technicians, which includes uninstallation of the faulty product and installation of the repaired or replacement product. If a return is required, we'll also package the faulty product for easy return to SMART – we'll even cover the return shipping cost.

    See terms and conditions for details.

    SMART Limited Equipment Warranty
    The SMART Limited Equipment Warranty includes 24/7 access to a dedicated SMART customer support team for inquiries and remote troubleshooting. If required, advanced hardware replacement or return for repair is available, with shipping at the expense of SMART. If you need to return a defective product, SMART will cover the shipping cost

    See terms and conditions for details.

    Purchase an upgrade or extended warranty
    Extended warranties and/or upgrades to the SMART Assure Warranty are available on selected products. The terms of an extended warranty are the same as the original warranty. To purchase an extended warranty, contact your reseller.

    Discontinued product support policy
    See Discontinued products for a list of products that have been discontinued. Read our discontinued product support policy.

    Out of warranty support
    Return for repair options are available for certain out-of-warranty products in some regions.
    Contact us to get started.
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